Thekkady’s first heritage hotel

Designed by British-born, Indian architect Laurie Baker, Hotel Ambadi is swaddled in the breathtaking greenery of the Periyar wildlife Sanctuary. It is just a short walk away, and visitors have immense number of ways to entertain themselves. Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Architecture and Organic Interiors are what stands out in the design by this Padma Shri-awardee. The Naturally Lit and Well-Ventilated rooms and Structures, Inner Courtyards and cool confines of Hotel Ambadi are striking. Founded in 1982, this landmark hotel was named ‘Ambadi‘ by noted filmmaker G. Aravindan and the emblem for Hotel Ambadi was designed by artist Namboothiri, well-known painter and sculptor.

About Laurie Baker

Lawrence Wilfred “Laurie” Baker (2 March 1917 – 1 April 2007) was a British-born Indian architect, renowned for his initiatives in cost-effective energy-efficient architecture and designs that maximized space, ventilation and light and maintained an uncluttered yet striking aesthetic sensibility. Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his own experiences in the remote Himalayas, he promoted the revival of regional building practices and use of local materials; and combined this with a design philosophy that emphasized a responsible and prudent use of resources and energy.

Best Practices

  • Policy on use of plastics – For packing, we use newspapers bags produced by local self help groups. We follow minimal use of plastic on the premises.
  • Energy efficiency – We have maximised energy-efficient systems by using CFL Lamps, LED Bulbs, Rainwater Harvesting, Sewage Treatment Plant for irrigation, etc.
  • Waste management and Recycling procedures – food and organic waste goes to the pig farm, and the sewage treatment plant is also in use.
  • Greenery within the premises and buildings – the abundance of plants and trees lowers temperature, increases oxygen availability and coolness within. We have fruit trees such as mango and jackfruit, flowering plants, ornamental plants, and a large tamarind tree close to the entrance.
  • Solar/ alternative heating – The solar water heating system is in full swing for guest and staff usage.

Our Hotel

With its venturesome ambience and serene air, Thekkady beckons the fun-loving and the peaceful at heart. Whether you are here to rediscover yourself or to spend time with family and friends, we have it all for you. Solitude and a state of bliss, breathe in and relax in the midst of some of the greenest spots of South India.

Conceived and established by 1978, construction started on an earnest level, led by visionary and social entrepreneur, late Mr Raju Varghese. He personally collected artefacts and wooden souvenirs from traditional homes in Kerala and added to the repertoire here. At the very start, there were four rooms and dorms, and a 30-cover restaurant.
Thekkady’s first heritage hotel, Ambadi is built in the likes of a traditional Kerala village. The resplendent architecture and buildings blend with the stunning background of the wildlife sanctuary. Traditional hospitality greets you to a fine experience, blending the modern and the antiquated.

Get in touch with your inner self – go for a walk in a nature trail, visit Spice Plantations, Trek in the hills, or Watch Wildlife on a Jungle Safari. All this and more are possible just a walk away from the hotel.


– Explore unique dining experiences –

This 100-seater restaurant is where you can enjoy Kerala’s authentic dishes as well as try Continental and Chinese ones. Some of the most famous dishes that repeat guests ask for are the Chilli Pork, Chicken Liver, Pork fry, Beef Fry, and of course the Onasadya during the Onam festival.
Accompaniments, sauces and accessories used are the best available in the industry and quality is never compromised. Whether you’re staying at Hotel Ambadi or passing by, drop in for a hearty meal, and some more.

How to reach us

Hotel Ambadi is well-connected by road – Kochi is 185km away, Munnar 110km, Vagamon 55km and Madurai 140km.

The nearest railway station is in Theni, Tamil Nadu, 60km from Thekkady. Kottayam railway station is 110km from here. Cochin International Airport is about 180km away, a four-hour journey. And Madurai airport is closer at 140km.