Periyar Tiger Reserve
One of the 27 Tiger reserves in India, Periyar is the oldest and perhaps the best guarded and managed one. Declared a forest reserve in 1899, it became a sanctuary in 1934, assuming the name Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in 1950 and became part of Project Tiger in 1978. As per the last count, there are about 35-40 tigers here.

Periyar abounds with many possibilities. Here are few we can suggest:

Watch elephants, gaurs and bisons along the serene lake. If possible make the trip closer to sunrise and sunset for better chances of spotting wildlife. A camera and a pair of binoculars are highly recommended accessories.
  Elephant Ride
Children and the young at heart will enjoy an elephant ride in the lush greenery.

Spice Plantation Visit
Make a trip to a nearby spice plantation to know how spices are grown, harvested and processed. You can also buy fresh spices from them.

  Ayurveda Massage
Experience the rejuvenating touch of Kerala's Ayurvedic traditions in a massage using herbal oils which is bound to loosen your muscles and ease your strain.
  Kathakali Demonstration
Watch a live Kathakali performance and enjoy the unique story-telling experience complete with elaborate costumes and makeup.
3-hour guided day treks are offered for small groups in the morning and afternoon to see birds, butterflies and wildlife at close quarters.
Contact reception to arrange for any of these tours or have tours tailor-made for you.
For the adventurous there are more options.

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